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Kids Koala Bickie Bear | Bamboo Chestnut

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The Kids Koala Bickie Bear in bamboo chestnut by ‘Tambo Teddies Australia’ is the cutest thing you'll see today besides a real koala. This Aussie handcrafted icon is a beautiful, soft flat styled koala with fluffy inner ears. They are ideal for newborn babies as it is soft, lightweight and flat in formation. They also make an ideal souvenir as they don't take up much room when packing into luggage. The koala's eyes are safety standards and firmly applied with an applicator for peace of mind. Each bear is crafted by hand and comes with its own ribbon. *Please note that ribbon colours are unique to each individual bear and may differ from those pictured. Your choice is a preference only.

Aussie Uggies Ugg Boot Features

Technically speaking:

  • Queensland, Australia Made

  • 100% Woolen Sheepskin

  • Hand Stitched

  • Branding label to side

  • Height 25 x 25 x 6 cm

Oh, the benefits:

  • Artisan Quality & Durability

  • Naturally Regulates Heat

  • Naturally Wicks Moisture

  • Buttery Soft and Cosy

  • Manufactures Warranty

The logo below features on the product's label and guarantees this item is Australian Made.

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