What are the original ugg boots in Australia?

G'day mate! Let us talk about one of Australia's most beloved footwear inventions: the ugg boot, or as more commonly known in Australian slang… uggies! These cosy and comfortable boots have become a household staple all around the world, but did you know that they originated right here in Australia?

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The story of the ugg boot dates as far back as the 1920s when Australian surfers started wearing the classic short boot to keep their feet warm after a day of catching waves. Made from sheepskin, these boots were perfect for keeping their feet dry and toasty, even down by the cold ocean water.

Aussie Uggies Premium Arya Extra Tall Boot in Chestnut 

Image: Premium Arya Extra Tall Boot |Chestnut


But the practicality of uggies did not stop there. Farmers also discovered the boots' benefits, using them to keep their feet warm while tending to their flocks. The fluffy sheepskin not only kept their feet warm but also provided cushioning, making the boots comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It's no wonder that sheepskin boots quickly became a staple in the Australian lifestyle. Even in warmer summer months, uggies only take a back seat as sheepskin slippers and scuffs surge in popularity.

 Aussie Uggies Outdoor Bella Button Boot Camo

Image: Outdoor Bella Button Boot | Camo


It was not until the early 2000s that the ugg boot became a global phenomenon, thanks to American tourists discovering them while on vacation in Australia. Suddenly, ugg boots were everywhere in the United States, with celebrities and teenagers alike sporting a pair. This led to uggies becoming more of a fashion statement than just a practical shoe. Fast forward to the 2020s and you continue seeing celebrities such as Irina Shayk or Joan Smalls sporting Classic Mini boots, Kendall Jenner shopping in Classic Tall boots or Rihanna travelling in Classic Short Deluxe boots. Needless to say, that Chestnut sheepskin boots still come out on top in terms of timeless style and popularity.

 Original Sheepskin Boots Worn by Celebrities

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But here in Australia, ugg boots have always been a part of our culture. In fact, the term ugg is a generic term for sheepskin boots in Australia which means any manufacturer or brand of sheepskin boots can call them ugg here. However, the most widespread American-owned brand 'UGG', which was founded in California in the 1970s, also remains popular in Australia, with many people choosing to purchase them alongside other brands made here on home soil.


If you're asking what are the original ugg boots in Australia, the above scenario makes that a little difficult. Many founding companies that started it all in Australia, have changed their names to distance themselves from the American brand ‘UGG’. But don't worry, there are still plenty of Australian artisans around that produce the bestselling uggies (and slippers) here in all types of styles and colours.

 Aussie Uggies Classic Trim Scuff Scarlet

Image: Classic Trim Scuff | Scarlet


It is worth mentioning up front that Aussie Uggies is not affiliated with the American-owned Deckers brand 'UGG' at all. This means that they don't stock this particular label as it is predominantly made outside of Australia. Instead, they source their boots from independent manufacturers across Australia, ensuring that their customers receive high-quality products that support local businesses.


Aussie Uggies are strict about curating Australian ugg boot brands they stock based on their manufacturing process. Unlike some brands that outsource their production to other countries or even import their sheepskin from overseas, Aussie Uggies is proud to stock Australian made only. Sourcing from artisans that use eco-sourced wool, with the majority being Australian merino-cross, to create their boots.

Aussie Uggies Classic Tall Lace Up Boot Sand 

Image: Classic Tall Lace Up Boot | Sand


Its important people know that due to trademark regulations, boots shipped outside of Australia may have labels stitched to the back of the heel that differ from those pictured for Australian customers (more info on that here). However, all boots purchased through Aussie Uggies still have 'Made in Australia' sewn into the cuff and come with 'Australian Made' swing tags.


By choosing to support happy little Vegemite's like Aussie Uggies, not only are you getting a comfortable and practical pair of boots, but you are also supporting a truly Australian brand that values ethical manufacturing practices and supporting local businesses. It is a win-win situation!

 Aussie Uggies original boots and slippers

Image: Aussie Uggies original boots and slippers | Black


So next time you slip on a pair of ugg boots, take a moment to appreciate their Australian origins and the role they've played in our lifestyle. And if anyone tries to tell you they're not stylish, just smile and know that you're wearing a piece of Australian surf and farm culture on your feet. Cheers, mate!

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