Mother’s Day 2020 with Aussie Uggies

Mother's Day is a celebration honouring the mothers in our lives, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in our community. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, but in Australia we celebrate on the second Sunday in May, being the 10th May in 2020.

Many people appreciate their mothers or mother figures, including stepmothers, relatives, and guardians or even close family friends. While the day’s events or activities generally involve breakfasts, brunches, afternoon teas or even dinners at restaurants… in the age of social distancing and flattening the curve many of us will need to send our love and appreciation from afar this year.

Aussie Uggies Mother's Day Collections

While we agree that flowers, chocolates and cards are popular gifts to symbolise one’s love for mum we think this year is the perfect time to send a luxurious gift by artisan bootmakers. Of course we are talking about her very own sheepskin boots which will make any day in self-isolation feel like a dream, her handcrafted to order uggies made from a premium merino blend which is sustainably sourced and ecologically processed here in Australia.

The only difficult part is selecting the perfect style and colour so to assist we have put together three Mother’s Day collections for your to consider;

Aussie Uggies Blissful Botanica Moodboard

Blissful Botanica

Bottle Brush Burgundy, Eucalypt Camo and Kimberley Pink
For the mum that loves strong, bold, fashion colours, this aptly named colour collection is for them. Deep burgundy and a soft eucalypt green dance together in perfect harmony while pink tones down the overall richness. If “romantic” and “organic” are part of your Mum’s wardrobe, then this combo definitely steals the show! This collection is reminiscent of deep red and blush roses, gum leaves, cranberries, and fern leaves. Plus, stunning burgundy or pink footwear colours hint at the cosy season ahead with a wine in hand or marshmallows on the fire.

View the collection here


Aussie Uggies Classic Coastline Moodboard

Classic Coastline

Ocean Navy Blue, Beach Denim Blue and Coastal Sand
Oh yes, if your Mum is a water baby then this collection is inspired by rolling waters of a coastal summer. Peaceful and dreamy, this colour combo of blues and twilight sand tones capture the essence and magic of Australian summer evenings. Whether you’re located on the coast or not, this fusion of colour can be seamlessly incorporated into most wardrobe elements of natural hues and organic textures. There’s ample harmony in this cool-meets-warm colour palette that will paint a picture-perfect serene time at home.

View the collection here


Aussie Uggies Graceful Glamour Moodboard

Graceful Glamour

Vineyard Raisin, Dame Edna Lilac and Koala Grey
Drink in a palette of juicy hues with this stunning Mother’s Day collection. Shades of raisin are definitely trending, as they emanate elegance, romance, and vintage glam during the crisp cool days. The subdued shades of light lilac have just the slightest tinge of grey—and when paired with grey or neutral wardrobe pieces, really shine beautifully! This palette also works so well, as each colour flatters outfits without stealing the show.

View the collection here

We hope you are inspired by these colour collections and find a style that your Mum will just love. All of us here at Aussie Uggies understand the stress and worry in these uncertain times. We assure you that whether your industry is essential, or are working from home, we are continuing making uggies with love, keeping you warm and safe in preparation for the months ahead.

Happy Mother’s Day

- Aussie Uggies

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