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SALE | Bella Button Boot AU Mens 6 / AU Ladies 7 | Camo

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SALE | This Bella Button Boot in camo by Australian Ugg Boots is a pre-made style in size AU Mens 6 / AU Ladies 7. This style is a new look for the short deluxe boot with an exposed cuff edge and the addition of a side button with a band closure. The boots stand roughly 24cm from the ground so they can be worn multiple ways, roll down to expose soft fleece adjusting height and option to expose only front or back of the cuff.


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Technically speaking:

  • Melbourne, Australia Made

  • Double Faced Sheepskin

  • Suede Leather Upper

  • Merino-Cross Wool Lining

  • Lightweight EVA Sole

  • Hand Stitched Nylon Binding

  • Branding Patch to Heel

  • Side Button with Band Closure

  • Height Approx. 24cm

  • Exposed Edge to Cuff
  • Australian Size Men's AU 6 / AU Ladies 7 Only

Oh the benefits:

  • Artisan Quality & Durability

  • Naturally Regulates Heat

  • Naturally Wicks Moisture

  • Buttery Soft and Cosy

  • Worn Tall or Folded

  • Manufactures Warranty

The logos below feature on this product swing tag and guarantee this item is Australian Made and that the manufactures factory has been audited by the Australian Sheepskin Association.

Australia Made LogoAustralian Sheepskin Association Logo

NOTE: This product is 100% Australian Made and contains 'eco' sourced wool, with the majority being Australian merino-cross. Aussie Uggies is not affiliated with the American owned Deckers brand ‘UGG’ nor do we stock this label which is predominantly made in China. Instead Aussie Uggies source boots from independent manufacturers across Australia. Boots shipped outside Australia due to trademark regulations will have labels stitched to the back of the heel which differ from those pictured for our Australian customers. All boots still have ‘Made in Australia’ sewn into the cuff and come with ‘Australian Made’ swing tags. If you would like clarification of what label and/or buttons your boots will carry, please refer to our website's FAQ page.